About us


Richard Nathanson died in June 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Susannah and his wife Victoria have taken over the running of the business he left behind and are continuing to advise and answer any enquiries. 

Richard began as a porter at Sotheby's in January 1966. He was immediately captivated by Impressionist and 20th century art and subsequently joined the department as a trainee 'expert'. He left in 1970 to set up as an independent art advisor in that field (see Selected Works Handled, which includes exceptional works from other fields).

Richard's advisory service involves working with artists' and collectors' estates; among them the Rouault Foundation, the Paul Alexandre family Modigliani collection (see News) and the Albert Houthuesen Trust.

He has had an ongoing involvement with certain artists including Sisley, Modigliani, Rouault, Renoir, Bonnard and Albert Houthuesen; and has arranged one-man exhibitions of five of the artists. A selection of their work can be viewed in Featured Artists. Richard has also produced BBC documentaries and publications on Bonnard and Houthuesen (see Publications and Documentaries).

His many exhibitions have often taken place in galleries chosen to broaden the exhibition's aesthetic and art historical perspective. A notable example was his 1972 Rouault exhibition arranged with the Rouault family at the Eskenazi Gallery. Their superlative Chinese art and beautiful gallery perfectly complemented the richness and spirituality of the Rouault paintings. The exhibition catalogue covers can be viewed in Exhibitions.

Very happily Richard was joined in 2016 by his daughter Susannah who has an MA in History of Art and Fine Art from Edinburgh University and The Edinburgh College of Art. She is also a practising artist.

Susannah is preparing the catalogue raisonné of the Dutch-born artist Albert Houthuesen (1903-1979) whose estate they represent.

We advise our clients, on an agreed commission basis, on acquisition and sale. We also arrange the conservation, framing, insurance, research and showing of their art in prestigious, international museum exhibitions.  We are very fortunate to be able to devote ourselves to art we believe has enduring aesthetic and human value. We are equally privileged to advise and work with wonderful individuals we admire and trust.

Richard and Susannah Nathanson