Bonnard; Sketches of a Journey | Travels in an Early Motor Car From octave Mirbeau's Journal ' La 628-E8' With Illustrations by Pierre Bonnard

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Hard Back

Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd in association with Richard Nathanson

ISBN: 0-85667-364-1

Pages: 175

The car is a feature of our everyday life. But compare the quality of the journeys we make, with the 628-E8's perambulating sense of adventure and enjoyment.

'La 628-E8' was the only motoring book ever to be illustrated throughout by a very great artist. And if something of the art of observing and experiencing portrayed in these pages, could enter our own journeys, however long or local, then Bonnard and Mirbeau will have accomplished all that they set out to achieve.

But perhaps the greatest tribute will be the touching enchantment they will bring to both young and old, to Bonnard scholars and to many who will be seeing Bonnard and reading Mirbeau for the very first time.

Richard Nathanson