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A Selection of Exhibitions arranged by Richard Nathanson



1971 –     Picasso, Rouault, Schiele, Tchelitchew, Houthuesen,
Five Twentieth Century Artists,
Baskett & Day, London.

1972 –     Tchelitchew, Paintings & Works on Paper from the Artist’s Estate
The Alpine Club, London.

1972 –     Rouault, Paintings from the Artist’s Estate, Eskenazi, London.

1972 –     Turner, Constable, Pissarro, Lear, Hammond [Hermione],
Great King Street Gallery, Edinburgh.

1973 –     Segal [Arthur], Paintings from the Artist’s Estate, and Seventy Woodcuts
by Arthur Segal, published by Richard Nathanson, 
The Alpine Club,

1973 –     Schueler [Jon], The Sound of Sleat, A Festival exhibition organised with the 
               Artist, The Edinburgh College of Art.

               Please click on to visit the Schueler painting website.

1974 –      Constable, Corot, Boudin, Diaz, Renoir, Mondriaan, Vlaminck, Utrillo,
Bonnard, Braque, Rouault, Houthuesen

Blairman & Son, London.

1974 –     Tchelitchew, Works on Paper from the Artist’s Estate
The Alpine Club, London.

1976 –     Houthuesen, Paintings & Lithographs published by Richard Nathanson
               Colnaghi, Middlesborough City Art Gallery, Fine Art Society, Edinburgh, 
               Dundee City Art Museum.

1976 –    Tchelitchew, Theatre Designs [1919 – 1923] from the Artist’s Estate
              The Alpine Club, London.

1977 –     Houthuesen, in conjunction with the BBC film Walk to the Moon, on the artist’s life,
Barling & The Café Royal, London.

1977 –    Seurat, Turner, Renoir, Signac, Utrillo, Vlaminck, Marc, Rodin, Matisse,
                Zadkine, Marini, Pissarro, Rouault, Modigliani, Houthuesen,
                The Fine Art Society, London.

1978 –    Rouault, Paintings from the Artist’s Estate, The Fine Art Society, London.

1978 –    Bonnard, 104 drawings illustrating La 628-e8 [a motor car journey through
              Europe at the turn of the last century], The Fine Art Society, London.
              The collection was featured in the BBC film 628-e8.

              Please click here to see the Foreward.

1979 –    Bonnard, 104 drawings for La 628-e8, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

1980 –    Turner, Corot, Sisley, Boudin, Jongkind, Degas, Derain, Marquet, Rouault,
   Bonnard, Chagall, Sutherland, Hofer, Houthuesen, Barling, London.

1981 –    Sisley, in association with David Carritt Ltd, London.
               Please click here to read the Introduction.

2015 –    Modigliani: A Unique Artistic Voice, The Estorick Museum, London.
              Fully illustrated 80-page catalogue available from Richard Nathanson.



Richard Nathanson has since arranged loans to international exhibitions including major shows of:


Bonnard, Matisse, Modigliani, Sisley and Samuel Palmer



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